East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) started segregating and processing the waste at Ghazipur landfill.


A trommel-cum-ballistic machine, which was engaged by the civic agency some time ago, was made functional on Wednesday to segregate 640 metric tonnes of waste daily. The machine, which is divided into four parts, will help in the segregation of wastes including, construction and demolition, plastic, enrich the soil, and inert.

For its operation, the east corporation has engaged a company that would also help in biomining and bioremediation of the garbage, which would be segregated into different fractions, including organic fines, bricks, stones, plastics, and metals.

While sharing the process, and EDMC official said, To begin with, the ballistic separators will divide the entire waste into three segments – refuse-derived fuel (RDF), construction and demolition (C&D) waste above 40mm, and material less than 40mm that will be fed into the trommel. The machine will further segregate the waste into less than 6mm soil and inert waste of over 6mm size. The official explained that RDF would be utilized for combustion at a waste-to-energy plant and might be used in the cement industry. C&D waste will be processed at the plant in Shastri Park for creating tiles and other products, he added. In a month, the civic body hopes to segregate and process 15,000-20,000 metric tonnes of waste from the landfill, which currently has 14 million metric tonnes of garbage.

We have taken up this pilot project in compliance with the Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal orders. They have been raising objections over the capping of landfills without segregating the garbage. The apex court has been insisting on remediation of the material, therefore, we have installed the machine.

EDMC plans to install another trommel with a capacity to process 300 metric tonnes of waste daily from October 2. Besides, we will also engage more landfill-management companies that can simultaneously work on different parts of the garbage mountain for remediation.

Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/delhi-trommelling-machine-starts-tackling-waste-at-ghazipur/articleshow/71345345.cms

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