Commercial and residential trash removal, bulk hauling construction services. Clearing these mounds of years-old waste, called legacy waste, is the easiest and fastest way to reduce our national emissions, and save surrounding villages from polluted water sources, smoke, flies and stench. Some years, generation of dry waste, especially plastic waste and packaging, has increased at a tremendous rate.

Legacy wastes – waste that has been collected and kept for years at some barren land or a place dedicated for Landfill (an area already to dump the country waste), this waste can be roughly grouped into four categories: contained and/or stored waste, buried waste, contaminated soil and groundwater, and contaminated building materials and structures. Examples of contained or stored waste are wastes in tanks, canisters, and stainless steel bins. For example, large quantities of high-level radioactive wastes are stored at the Department of Energy (legacy sites in tanks. Buried wastes include radioactive and chemically contaminated wastes disposed of in near-surface pits and trenches.

There needs to be an effective way to reduce the huge Landfill Mountains that have been created over the years with continuous dumping of waste such that most of them have no capacity to accumulate waste.

DCC is manufacturing Solid Waste Segregation machines for Legacy Waste Biomining to segregate the waste at Landfill such that the segregated waste can then be recycled (eg. Plastic waste), while manure (soil) can be used by Farmers, in parks etc.

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