Many waste management companies have failed to effectively manage the quantities of waste generated from homes, factories, construction companies, and more. At this pace, it has become vital for us to become more responsible for our environment. If you’re at home, here are some eco-friendly methods to go green by reducing, reusing, and recycling decompose waste at home:

Use Paper Less and Recycle More

In this 21st century, we are becoming more reliant on smart computers and adopting digital technology. It is easy for most of us not to carry a notebook, diaries, or even a piece of paper to write down some important information. You can make a difference by using less paper and by recycling the paper you do use. 

Shop eco-friendly with canvas bags

Most stores, shopping complexes, and malls offer reusable canvas bags or grocery bags as the government has banned plastics. A canvas bag can be used in more than one way. It can be efficiently used to store items or pack items when moving. Investing in a few canvas bags can be a great way to live more eco-friendly. If you don’t use canvas bags then reusing plastic bags at your home can make a huge difference in waste recycling and protecting the environment.

A big no to disposable water bottles or coffee cups

Using water bottles or coffee cups can put you at risk as they cannot be recycled. Why? Because inside coating they have can have a negative impact on our soil, water, and land. You can use a travel mug instead of coffee cups. If you want to save money, replace your disposable water bottles with double-insulated bottles to handle your hot and cold beverages safely. 

Lessen food waste

Most people don’t realize that they throw away 94 percent of the uneaten leftovers every year. Therefore, it is important for you to transform organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. Always plan your meals accordingly. The fully automated waste composting machines can easily break down and organically decompose all kinds of organic waste at home.

Dispose of e-waste responsibly

The devices such as old computers, TVs, washing machines, etc. contain potentially toxic chemicals. It is an increasing burden on our landfills. So, it’s advisable for you to find out about recycling programs in your area before putting your e-waste at the curb. 

Besides this, many waste Management plants in India are comprehensively treating, managing, and reusing the garbage. These plants are converting energy from waste and turning into biogas and fertilizer for farms.

Therefore, it is good practice to follow Eco-friendly methods and start segregating, recycling, and reusing the waste at your home now!

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