Air Misting Machine is designed for effective Dust Control by spraying a fine mist. The mist mixes with air and breaks the water molecules in microns is water particle strikes with dust particles and makes it heavier and helps to minimize the dust, reduce the health risk and improve the air quality.

Misting system structures are useful for retaining the ideal weather in orangeries of any breadth. The mist fogging machines also can assist in dashing up the boom of flora in a surrounding. They assist to lessen the quantity of water for irrigation. It is a great thing, as water is turning into scarce day via way of means of day. These mist machines can show rattling useful in terms of spreading chemical compounds including insecticides and insecticides.

Types of Air Misting Machine

There are three types of air misting systems going around the circuit:

Low Pressure: This is the essential type of misting gadget having a stress variety of forty psi-60 psi. This can offer a first rate quantity of cooling with inside the temperature variety of 20-diploma Fahrenheit.

Mid Pressure: A mid-stress misting gadget wishes a 200-psi pump to operate, in preference to a low-stress one. The fine of mist of the mid-stress a misting gadget is higher than a decrease grade.

High Pressure:  A high-stress misting gadget makes use of a unique pump of one thousand psi or 1500 psi. The fine of mist brought via way of means of this form of gadget is ultra-excellent without leaving any residual moisture. It does now no longer maintain the environment wet.

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