The ballistic separator is suitable to sort the continuous stream of waste in different fractions depending on shape and weight. Ballistic Separator is a leader in to the planning, production and assembly of sorting systems and components for the waste disposal and recycling industry worldwide. A Ballistic Separator is not just the machine, it is the engineering solution to sort out light to complex materials from the surface and to meet future challenges effortlessly. Here we will explain everything about Ballistic Separator working Principle, Types, Advantages, Characteristics & more:

What is a Ballistic Separator?

Simply put, a Ballistic separator is a systematic machine designed by professionals to sort out waste materials. As the name suggests, it is the high-quality segregation device used to collect, sort, and separate materials of all shapes and sizes.

The ballistic separator is Suitable for sorting Municipal Waste. The ballistic separator is an aggregate used to separate one input material stream into two or three fractions. The machine is designed for sorting of Bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable Solid of Waste. Which are sorted into RDF, Soil, and Raw material for Manure

The ballistic separator machine mainly consists of a wide range of flexible parts like:

  • Raised roof
  • Impulsion fan
  • Replaceable screening plates
  • A flexible set of paddles
  • Electrical panel
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Centralized lubricating system
  • Maintenance cart
  • Conveyor belts
  • Feeding Hopper

Types of Ballistic Separator Machine

Keeping in mind the performance, productiveness, and efficiency, the ballistic separator is mainly divided into four main categories:

4 Paddles
It is considered one of the smallest types of ballistic separator used particularly in small plants.

8 Paddles
It is a more advanced variant of 4 paddles. The 8 paddles is an intermediate application that can easily perform various functions while retaining the same number of paddles and maximizing the total dimension marginally.

12 Paddles
Unlike 4 and 8 paddles, this model is specifically designed to sort out a large number of waste with high flow rates.

16 Paddles
It is the world’s largest MRF Ballistic Separator with an internal diameter (6 meters) and screening area (32 m2) to siting out heavy materials and in the largest quantity easily.

Main Characteristics of Ballistic Separator

The five main characteristics of a ballistic separator are:

Ability to separates lighter to heavier/3D material quickly
● Boost performance
● Flexible nature
● Adapt to change
● Low-cost maintenance


  • Sorting of mild packaging cloth and class of polymer fractions.
  • Screening and Separation of contraries in vegetation used for the remedy of alternative fuel.
  • Material Stream Separation is a primary step of Separation in the mechanical Biological remedy of residual waste.
  • Post-class of the biologically handled fraction earlier than unload garbage.

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