Anti-smog guns have been deployed in the capital to control pollution

An anti-smog gun is used to spray water after connecting it with a water tank mounted on a four-wheel. It converts the water into a fine spray with droplets size of 20-10 microns bypassing it at high pressure through propellers. The idea behind this invention is to reduce air pollution by binding dust and other particulate matter and carrying them down to the ground level along with water.

It basically works as rain to bring down the suspended particles present in the air. This device could be mounted anywhere and spray mist to settle all suspended particles. Anti-smog gun for small regions can spray mist in 1200 square location with the potential of 30 liters in line with hr to convey down the polluted debris from the atmosphere. According to the statement, the anti-smog gun has a ‘throw distance’ of one hundred meters with the dimensions of water droplets ranging among 30 microns and 50 microns that might cowl a place among 27,000 rectangular meters and 37,000 rectangular meters.

To combat air pollution, New Delhi Municipal Council inaugurated an anti-smog gun in Delhi. An official said, ‘It will reduce air pollution by spraying atomized water into the atmosphere so that dust and pollution particles are removed from the environment, and PM 10 and PM 2.5 levels are reduced by 60-70%.

The major 13 places, declared as pollution hotspots by the Delhi government, are Jahangirpuri, Narela, Ashok Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Dwarka, Mundka, Rohini, Wazirpur, Okhla, Bawana, Anand Vihar, Punjabi Bagh and R.K. Puram.

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