An organic waste composting machine is an independent unit that allows the composting procedure and offers higher composts. It takes waste as it enters and offers manure as its output. This gadget creates a scenario to hasten the composting procedure.

With this kind of a massive size of waste generated each day at the home stage and commercial stage, it turns into crucial to address waste effectively. The meals dumped into landfills launch methane that’s risky for the earth as a whole.

So Composting Machine is a first-class manner to address waste. Composting is a manner of breaking down complicated natural materials into less complicated ones with the assistance of micro-organisms gifted by the soil. The very last pathogen-loose product after a breakdown is known as compost. A composting gadget can without difficulty compost any waste and flip it right into a useable fertilizer.

What is an organic waste composting machine?

A special bacterium that is heat, salt, and acid resistant are used. Once the bacteria are announced in the machine they recreate at a rapid pace under an ideal internal situation. When organic waste is filled in the converter increase in the moisture stage is detected by the sensor which consequently starts the heating system.

As the temperature decreases, it activates the bacteria which break down organic waste into fertile manure. At the same time, moisture in waste is converted into water vapor which is vented through the blower into the drain. These not just results in a close eighty-five percent volume reduction in compost formed but also convert organic (food) waste into 70-80% mature compost within 24X7 hour.

Organic Waste Composters (OWC) is designed to make composting easy & convenient. It’s fully automatic & has a very compact & creative design. Turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost and fertilizer. Our range of OWC systems is perfectly suited for the waste management requirements of, Housing societies, Industrial kitchens, Malls & food courts, Medium and Large Hospitals, Large scale corporate cafeterias, Food processing companies, Slaughterhouses, Municipal wards, markets, parks & gardens.

The major players covered in Waste Composting Machine Markets:

BioHiTech Digesters
Hungry Giant Recycling
Emerson Electric
Oklin International
Bhor Engineering
Alfa Engineering Solutions
DCC Infra Pvt Ltd

Waste Composting Machine Market Breakdown by application:


Composting is a way to keep greenhouse gases in check. Composting through the composting machine will help reduce rodents and insects.