“In Delhi, earlier it was mandatory to install an anti-smog gun on sites with an area greater than 20,000sqm, but now there is a modification in this provision and construction sites with an area over 5,000sqm will also need to install anti-smog guns. For every 5,000sqm increase in area, an additional smog gun will be required,”

DCC Infra Pvt Ltd. Fog Cannon has been designed to address the trouble of airborne dirt debris generated via way of means of open mining activities, popular demolition paintings and bulk cloth coping Fog Cannon have been proven to suppress as much as 95% of airborne dirt debris. An anti-smog gun is a cannon-formed tool designed to lessen air pollution domestically via way of means of spraying a high-quality mist-like spray into the air, which can settle dust and other pollutants.

The smaller and larger units are also capable of suppressing dust caused by high-volume dust events such as blasting – and the long throw distance is usually necessary for this. Fog Cannons are also useful for dust suppression of stockpiles where their low water use is an advantage.

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System dirt fighter, dirt suppression cannon, spray cannon, dirt binding machine, barrel gun misting system, etc.) is designed for powerful dirt control. Spraying the satisfactory mist, assist to reduce the dirt, lessen the fitness danger and enhance air quality. During the operation, they want at least an electricity and water supply.

The Fog Cannon mist cannon is designed for effective Dust Control by spraying a fine mist. The mist mixes with air and breaks the water molecules in microns water particle strikes dust particle and makes them heavier and helping to minimize the dust, reduce health risk and improve air quality.  The system needs a minimum power supply.  The fan’s airflow produces a large spray pattern which allows longer float times, thus allowing greater evaporation rates. Evaporation rates depend greatly on weather conditions such as ambient temperatures, relative humidity, wind speed, etc.

Dust control at industrial and construction sites is essential to modern-day commercial operations. Luckily, there are plenty of innovative methods, some more effective than others, to stop the dust once it becomes airborne. Trying to stop dust from getting in the air is a valiant effort.  In most scenarios, dust is going to be generated and released into the air upon disruption. The demolition industry has copious amounts of dust created during the teardown of structures that preventive methods are not effective on, and many other industries suffer from potent, dust-releasing activities.

Ways to Remove Dust:

Fogging Systems:  A “fog” or “mist” cannon uses a high-powered fan at the back of the machine to concentrate air through a cone-shaped barrel, raising its velocity as it exits the other side. Mounted on the front exit side of the barrel is a ring manifold with multiple nozzles that fracture pressurized water into micro-droplets roughly the same size as the airborne dust, which is the most effective approach for suppression.

The air compelled via the cannon propels the mist, introducing a cone of tens of thousands of minuscule droplets right into a described area. Technically acknowledged as “atomized mist,” the fog is mild sufficient to stay airborne and tour on air currents, colliding with dirt debris and dragging them to the ground.

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